Friday, February 24, 2012

How to add your sitemap file located in Amazon S3 into Google Webmaster tools

If you hosted your rails website in Heroku, you are most properly using gem to dynamically generate your sitemap file.

I won’t go into the details of how to use sitemap_generator, there are many website guide you for this, just google it.

Once you got your sitemap generated and uploaded to Amazon S3 successfully, you might want to track your sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools as well.

First, add your Amazon S3 site into Google Webmaster Tools. For example,

Second, verify your Amazon S3 site by copy the googleXXXXX.html file into your bucket and give the permission accordingly.

Third, go into your Amazon S3 site in Google Webmaster Tools. Navigate to Site Configuration > Sitemaps, add the sitemap located in Amazon S3 for your Rails website.

Done! That All.

Google can accept “Cross-site submissions” for your sitemap.


libovness said...

Was banging my head over this until I came across the post. Thanks!

Dick Laurent said...

Thanks a lot!!

Erica belinda said...
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education information said...
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Unknown said...

This does not seem to work. I verified my s3 location and put my sitemaps for my site, and google has verified that it found 50k urls in each sitemap. But it has not indexed them. It has been weeks.